Saturday, June 26, 2004

Suspended in Amsterdam

Our connecting flight to Innsbruck was canceled and everyone forgot tell us - rather rude of them since we are the party most affected. So a one hour layover has morphed into a 6 hour marathon at Schiphol. My Beloved is NOT HAPPY.
We have various options but the only thing we could get was a free nights stay in Amsterdam, which will do us no good since we MUST be in Innsbruk by early tomorrow evening.

My Beloved, who does not like to take NO for an answer is still rattling about trying to get satisfaction. I keep reminding her she should know from experience just how stubborn the Dutch are and to just give it up.
I'm to tired to be upset about it, and besides one of us needs to be calm.
At least this airport has every amenity known to humankind including an internet cafe and a massage center. Not to mention some choice people watching.

In my roaming I found the chapel just at the beginning of a Muslim call to prayer. The floor was carpeted with Muslim men, each with his own prayer rug. In the anteroom sat 3 of their children enjoying a meal of Chicken McNuggets. Talk about culture clash.

Oddly, I'm speaking Dutch to the staff, who are answering me in English. I wish they would speak to me in Dutch since I need to bring the language to my frontal lobe. People who look American and speak Dutch with an American accent are not in their lexicon.

When we were checking in in Houston I idly picked up one of those stick on luggage tages. Written on it, in a very young and very uneducated hand was a name and destination - IRAQ. I hope whomever he is gets there and more importantly gets home safely.


Lana Coble said...

This is beloved here....and I have discovered beyond all my imaginings just how stubborn the dutch really are. No compensation, not even a little quiet time in the luxury lounge. This will be the first time I will have been up for 36 straight (pour choice of words) hours since graduate school. Can't wait for this experience.

When we got to the counter and found out our flight didn't exist, Guusje asked, "Is Mercury Retrograde???". My response was, I don't think so. I may need to recheck the stars before I travel next time.

This internet cafe is real cool. They even have a massage area here in the airport. I think I will try that out! Yes, Guy...I need the pampering right now, more than ever.

Anyway, stay tuned for Lana & Guusje's great adventures.

p.s. I spoke dutch to the steward and he was so impressed, that he gave me a cute delft china miniture replica house of specific homes in Holland. Evidently, they are a collectable and only the 1st class folks get one. I think he felt bad because he called me sir when he first met me, then he found out Guusje and I were together and he decided he really liked us. He must have been a QUEEN!!!!!

Anonymous said...

well, gee, thanks G, you didn't tell me I would need a kleenex if I read your story!!! last sentence or two did me about real-world experiences!!
and #2..shoulda let you be the "teacher" for a few minutes cuz not sure I'm "connecting"...never done one of these things....remember, we talked about that learning curve!
hope that all is well by now & your expected adventure has truly is VERY soggy here..getting close to depression level--only good thing is no mosquitoes..yet! but omg when they come out they are are gonna be vicious. will miss your tidbits around the table this next week
take a loonnnnggggg look at any mts of your choosing & whisper my name!! this drowning desert rat is missing looking up or down...depending on the pt of view!!!
take care...i KNOW you are having fun!! VB