Friday, June 18, 2004

Tossing, Tossing, Tossing & Yarn Shops

Lots more stuff going out the door thanks to Freecycle. I wonder, do folks really NEED the things I'm posting, or are they just compulsive about getting something that's "free"? No matter what I post it's taken within minutes, sometimes within seconds. All I know is that I have gaps in my bookshelves and empty space in my pantry which pleases me to no end.

Had lunch today with my thrifting buddy M, and K, an old friend who has just rejoined the land of the living after living, after ending a bad marriage. One lovely side benefit to summer is that I can be a lady who lunches. We meet at Onion Creek which is as close as you can get to Austin without leaving Houston. Prime people watching, good food and good conversation with old friends. What more can a body ask for - well some temperatures in the 70s would have been nice, but then this is Houston in the summertime.

K is a serious knitter so took her over to new yarn shop Yarns 2 Ewe that claims not to be your grandma's yarn shop and it certainly lives up to the name. I'm not a knitter but the yarns were lovely to look at - kitten soft and the colors just glowed. They cater to the both the sweater knitter and the fiber artist. Back of the shop was fitted out with comfy sofas and chairs and folks are welcome to bring their knitting an sit a spell. Women came and went, always accompanied by their knitting, something very soothing and timeless about the place.
K said she'd be back!

Then it was off to Penzey's a most wonderful spice store that seems like a bakery at Christmas time. Bought way to much - as always but couldn't resist the little bottles and jars of lucious aromas.

Being a "Lady Who Lunches" could be habit forming. Just where is the winning lottery number when I need it so?

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