Sunday, June 13, 2004

Rain, Heat and School Libraries.

I do so love a summer storm - providing I'm inside! We had a dozzy with thunder and lighting streams of water running down the windows. Made me very happy to be home and not out in traffic, a situation where I don't like rain at all.

I am finally finishing with my inservices and am beginning to feel that my summer approaches. I'm taking a E-Bay break and have 150+ books in the hopper waiting for the June doldrums to end. Coupons are clipped & filed, bills are paid and I'm tossing things right and left. The cookbook shelves got decimated today. Care packages are going out to the girls tomorrow. Cooking magazines found a new home via Freecycle

And I've been reading - for pure pleasure, something I haven't much time for now that I'm selling books. Islands by Anne River Siddons, some new YA fiction for review books, re-reading some Grace Livingston Hill just for the descriptions of the clothes and food. They are florid beyond belief and everything is so refreshingly black and white. My guilty trash pleasure.

I'm even starting to think about next year's lessons plans - scary, scary thought.
I've a big stack of Library Sparks Magazine and Pat Miller's books on Stretchy Library Lessons. Ordered some books I can use next year and once again I've begun to revise my lessons and projects. Next year's goal is contests, lots of contests.

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