Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I Go Over to the Dark Side

I rode a BMW today and I have seen the light! We went down today - nothing was hurt but My Beloved's pride. However, at the next rest stop, our guide tactfully suggested that she would have an easier time with the twisties and the hairpins on the upcoming passes if she did not have a passenger to contend with.

So I climbed on the back of his little BMW, an R11 GS. It is a little sport bike, meant to zip and zoom around the curves. It goes fast. Very fast. Very, very, very fast.
In fact, it is the best rush I have ever countered be it legal or illegal!

I Go Over to the Dark Side!  Posted by Hello

I had the time of my life and My Beloved had a much better day of it too, since she only had to wrestle the bike around the curves. I think our guide had a better time of it too, since he did not have to worry about us. If he did mind, he was most gracious about it all and never let us know.

And tomorrow, My Beloved is going Over to the Dark Side too. She is exchanging the Electra Glide Classic for a BMW.  Two of the members of our trusty tour group own a BMW dealership in Atlanta  and have been most helpful with bike advice and riding tips.

We went to far Western Austia today. The day  was chock full of twisties, hair pin turns, snow on the side of the road at the top of the passes, waterfalls, forests, rocks and rills.  Around every corner was a mountain meadow ablaze with flowers, and I kept thinking we might encounter Julie Andrews twirling about and singing to the hills. They were not alive to the sound of music but they were alive with sound of cow bells. We saw white cows, brown cows, tan cows and black cows. No wonder there is so much cheese - and very tasty cheese it is too.

Charming villages, with houses with carved wood trim, steep roofs and window boxes bursting with flowers. Never have I seen such vibrant color. Narrow, winding streets, church's with pocket size graveyards - I do wish we had time to explore one of them.  Went through the Hochtannbergpass, more panoramic views and the Oberjoch pass. 
Much of the area is given over to skiing in the winter and we saw St. Anton, the skiing resort favored by Lady Diana. Her taste in hotels is better than her taste in men.

And in the " you had to be there"  department, dinner came with entertainment tonight. A musician who alternated between acoustic guitar, electric keyboard and the accordion. His rendition of "I Found My Thrill on Blueberry Hill" is one of the record books -or The Gong Show.

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