Monday, June 14, 2004

Monday Monday

Just where is my vacation anyway? It does not appear to be happening. Today was spent working - at least for pay - unlike last week which consisted of in-services for no pay. I think education is the only profession that expects you to continue your education on your own time and pay for it with your own nickel - and a non tax deductible nickel at that. Doctors go to exotic places like Hawaii and New York City, teachers, we schelp to the administration building and drink bad coffee out of Styrofoam cups.

Today was also spent working in a group, which does not suit me. Give me a task and I'll do it, make me work in a group and I get so FRUSTRATED. We had trouble coming up with a format and it seemed to take forever to get anything done. Finally, by the end of the day we had one set of lessons and template so hopefully the rest of the week will go faster. Otherwise it will be a long, long week! I have the horrid fear that August 1st, the beginning of school will be upon me and I won't be ready. This past year the itch to retire is growing stronger and stronger but I know it will be a number of years before I can contemplate that seriously.

On the positive side, Amazon book sales are doing nicely, though like many of the on line booksellers I'm mourning the upcoming demise of Half.Com. A pox on E-Bay for closing it down!

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