Friday, January 07, 2005

Back on the Treadmill

Notice something different? I've gone from daily posts to weekly again. Ah yes, school has started up again and I'm back at work. With wonderful timing, E-Bay offered a 10 cent listing day on the Monday before the Monday I started back to work. E-Bay's annual Free Listing Days (however, due to inflation it was 10 cent listing day this year) are always eagerly anticipated since it's a good way to try and unload books that need new homes. 100+ books were listed and 35 sold. So I packed, and packed and when I was bored with packing I filled out customs forms. It was world wide books at my house. It's a global market out there.

Never knew so many people coveted a copy of the Luby's Cafeteria 50th Anniversary Cookbook.
$39.99 later it was winging toward a new home. A leather Harley Davidson Vest will be riding the roads of Norway. It is beyond me why someone in Australia wants a Landmark book on the American Revolution but to each their own. Somewhere in Germany there is a Barbie Doll fan who is the proud owner on The History of Barbie.

Thanks to ScoutPal I'm branching out into videos. Learning a new area is fun and I've found some gems in my own collection. There are some real sleepers out there. Seems not everything is available on DVD these days, especially when it comes to the classic films. The 1936 version of Showboat is collectible - it's the one version that most likely won't ever come out on DVD. It's most, most un-PC, despite featuring Paul Robeson whose version of Ol Man River is unsurpassed. Many Bette Davis films, such as All About Eve are common and not worth much when it comes to resale but her more obscure movies - The Man Who Came to Dinner are highly prized. I adore classic movies myself so I usually enjoy them before I sell them. And occasionally I keep them!

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