Friday, January 21, 2005

Harem Scarum Day

TGIF squared to the 10th power. My trusty assistant with whom I could not run my library was out today. She was busy playing Nancy Nurse, her daughter had her wisdom teeth removed (poor daughter- that's killer painful). She called for a sub but none showed up. Fairly typical for a Friday. After all, one of the benefits of subbing is that you can opt never to work on Fridays, rainy mornings, cold days or the day before a holiday.

School schedule was topsy turvey thanks to a couple of special programs and yet more NCLB conferences. I think NCLB was conceived by the paper lobby so that schools would have to spend sparse funds to print many more forms and keep yet still more records. Teachers are so busy conferencing about their kids and filling out the paperwork that they haven't time to teach said kids, who are left with subs while teachers attend NCLB workshops.

I had double classes all morning - which means I have 50+ rug rats running round the library, as opposed to 25. The day cumulated with an Accelerated Reader party for 40 kids who who happily (and loudly) made posters for the upcoming bookfair. We checked out 400+ books and the walk in traffic never stopped.

Lunch was not an option so I stopped by Sonic on the way home.....after a day like today I needed a sugar fix!

At least tomorrow is Saturday!

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