Saturday, January 15, 2005

My Blog Has Been Found!

This summer we went on a motorcycle tour with Edelweiss Bike Tours, combined with trip to Paris and Holland. The trip insipired this blog - I started it just before we left, and added a piece anytime I was able to find an Internet Cafe. Had frequent adventures with German, French and Dutch keyboards but considered it all part of the charm of traveling. Once we returned I told the folks at Eldweiss about my blog and they are featuring it on their home page!

I'm so excited about this! I love blogging for me, but I also love the fact that other folks are getting to see it too. Of course, I would not have joined Blog Explosion if I didn't want to share!

1 comment:

w8in said...

I wonder what your advantures with the Dutch keyboards were...they're the same as American keyboards :-)