Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Moon is Full

The Moon is Full. Back when I worked at the public library the Full Moon meant bizarre and off the wall reference questions. "Hello, how long can I save water?" , "I think there is an alien in my head, who do I call? ", I know Wolco closed but I want to buy some of their bras, where did their merchandise go?". This time around it brought out mechanical failures.

Such as my car, my beloved little PT Cruiser. The battery died. Twice. The final time on a busy street in the midst of rush hour traffic.

The good things: There are kind souls out there, 2 people tried to jump it. It was so far gone they couldn't but they did stop and try.

It didn't happen on the freeway so I avoided a mandatory $75 tow from a wrecker not of my choice.

The bad things
This is the 4th battery in 3 years. And the car goes out of warranty in April.
Some of the drivers acted like I decided to stop my car in rush hour traffic just to personally annoy them. Quite a few told me to move the car. Trust me, if I could have I would! Idiots.

Good Thing : At least today is Wednesday and the week is half over.
Bad Thing: Tomorrow is Thursday, a Katie Bar the Door type of day in the library.

Time to go pack books....

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