Monday, January 17, 2005


I'm spending way to much time reading blogs on Blogclicker & In fact it's downright addictive. It's also generating list of blogs I like (I gather in blog lingo that's called a link back). If you haven't visited the sites yet, surf on over. Warning -only surf on over if it's not way late at night and you have to get up early in the morning. Chances are you'll stay up way to late and be very grumpy when the alarm shrills. And then you'll blame it on me and never want to read my blog again.

Many of writers have a nice, neat, tidy list of blogs they read posted as sidebar on their blog. Not only does this appear to be an efficient way to manage the blogs I read, it's also an equally efficient way to share blogs I like with folks who stumble across mine. I've discovered if I like someone's blog, chances are I will enjoy reading the blogs they follow also.

It is along the same lines of "If you like an author I like, chances are we have similar tastes in reading" Finding new authors is one of the delightful (among things ) benefits of the Betsy Tacy List. In fact, our rallying cry is "I thought I was the only one".

I digress. HTML is not my forte. I've been copying and pasting for a good hour and I can't get the sidebar to do what I want it too. I can copy buttons from linking service but don't seem to be able to compile a list. I hate it when I don't know what I'm doing and I can't get the results I want. So there goes an hour and I haven't anything to show for up. At least I didn't do strange and bizarre things to my template this time around. That's been known to happen too.

Time to give it rest, go upstairs and pack some books and take out my frustrations on the tape gun and stamps.


The Rubbish Blogger said...

Hi. What you need to list those sites on your sidebar is a BlogRoll. You can get one set up at I have one on my blog, see the left sidebar at - its the thing that is headed up as 'Hot Blogs'. I only have one in there so far as I am pretty new to this myself. Hope this helps. Have fun.

Melinda said...

Heaven help me, I'm an addict too! :-(