Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Wednesday Was Better

It's the small things in life...

1. The car started.

2. The car continued to start.

3. I managed to catalog 9 books today. I did have redo the records several times due
multiple interruptions but I did get them done!

4. I found 2 pieces of Pampered Chef Stoneware at the thrifts.I can't decide if I want keep them or sell them on E-Bay.

Thrift Store score! Posted by Hello

5. I hosted my annual Bluebonnet Books party. I tinkered
with a Pampered Chef recipe, substituting Nutella for strawberry jam and
result was cleanly licked plates. The kids were highly impressed.

The cake -the kids were thrilled! Posted by Hello

6. I did not have to go to the auto dealership today (see #1 & #2 for the reason).

7. I got home at a decent hour (see #6 for the reason).

8. The evil spirit residing in my keyboard has found a new home and the 0 no longer
shows up as K.

9. I did not have to spend hours on the phone with tech. support in India (see #8).

10. No books to pack this evening. Not good from the money making standpoint,
it's a good mental health break.

After 2 Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Days it's nice to have a breather!

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