Thursday, January 27, 2005

I Am Out of Touch....

Blogs are even more current on late breaking news than the "we interrupt this program" spots on TV. I learned about Johnny Carson from surfing blogs on BlogExplosion and BlogClicker. Seems the Grammy and Oscar nominations are out. I looked at the lists and tried to follow some of the commentary - but I have no idea who most of the nominees are. Thus it's like reading the gossip column in a strange town.
The other main topic seems to be American Idol. Haven't watched, will most likely never watch it. Ditto Survivor and the Donald Trump show. However American Idol seems to inspire the most impassioned posts about the contestants. Why this is so compelling is beyond me. But as I said at the the beginning of the this post, I am out of touch.

I'm in my own little world but it's ok, they like me there!

P.S. Houston residents can now carry a concealed weapon on Metro buses and trains. Now that really adds to my feeling of safety! The news in Houston is never dull.

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