Sunday, January 16, 2005

Feeling caught up

What a strange feeling! By some odd quirk, some rare alignment of the planets personal odds and ends are done and tucked away (we won't talk about the cataloging backlog at work).

Books that needed packing were all in their proper boxes. The printer didn't jam when I tried to print stamps. The labels printed. I had a good haul at the Salvation Army Box/Book/ Table sale. Bills got paid. I even reconciled my checkbook and found a stray $200 (it's already spent).

Laundry is caught up, don't need to go to the grocery store. The car has been inspected. House is semi clean. Pantry is organized and there are no science experiments in the fridge.

So what did I do to celebrate this rare turn of events ? Read a book. Indulged in my on going fascination with Queen Victoria and her myriad descendents. Currently reading a biography of Victoria Melita who scandalized turn of the century Europe by divorcing her husband (who was also her first cousin on her father's side) and marrying her first cousin on her father's side. I love to ponder the "what ifs" of history. Sometimes the smallest things - a gene mutation results in hemophilia, a wife can't produce the necessary son, rat fleas introducing the black death can set an entire society on its ear.

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