Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Things You Learn While Blogging!

Just discovered Blog Explosion and now I'm addicted to reading blogs. Whenever I get bored with entering books into Seller's Assistant I flip over and start surfing blogs. It's keeping me up way to late at night!

Yesterday, one main topic of interest to many (other than me) was the demise of the Jennifer Aniston / Brad Pitt marriage. I'm not sure who Jennifer Aniston is. She's most likely one of the toothy smilers that grace the cover of People Magazine. Why so many people feel the need to comment on this is byond me (even though I just did the same -we are all such lemmings!).

Then I found a blog devoted to River Phoenix, an actor who died young. I totally forgotten about him - in fact the only reason his name ran a bell is that it is so unusual. Skimmed it and moved on.

Flash Forward to today. Went scouting for books and videos. Spotted a video starring River phoenix. Hum I think...Young actor, died tragically young and drugs were invovled. That combination often equals "cult figure" and "cult figure" almost always equals "collectible".

Checked it on ScoutPal...and my instincts were correct. It's now listed on Amazon for $19.99!

P.S. I donated blood a couple of days ago and they told me I'd reached the 2 Gallon level. That entitles me to guess what - another mug!


Anonymous said...

i had no idea jen and brad had split up till i surfed on BE today. What a way to get up to date news...*laugh*

Pigs said...

Yes, about Captain Underpants! Aren't they the WORST? Thank goodness for Lemony Snicket, it's at least distracted them!

Anonymous said...

I'm also addicted to BE and reading blogs, which is why I'm here posting a comment to yours ;)