Sunday, March 27, 2005

5 Questions for 5 other Bloggers

Actually, this is going to be 4 questions rather than 5. That's the problem with chain letters - or MeMes, someone always falls down on their part of the bargain. I'm tired of having this post in draft mode so I'm releasing it. I'm a bad blogger, deal with with it. :-)

For Melinda
Guinea Pigs - most folks opt for cats or dogs or fish if they want something low maintance. Why Guinea Pigs (though they are awfully cute!)?

You did a post on your father being raised Amish till he left the church. Did you ever go and visit grandparents and such or did leaving mean excommuication?

Since we are both librarians; I just have to ask - what pushed (dragged?) you into the profession?

I guessing you live in Boston, or close to it. What's the best part of living there? What's the

What prompted you to take up blogging?

For Mac (Thanks for stopping by)
You've got 3 blogs - which came first and how do you mange to keep up with all three of them?

Excellent photography - is that your profession or your passion or both?

How did you meet your partner (I love how we meet stories) ?

When you say you love the original Lion in Winter, I assume you meant the Katherine Hepburn version? Which of her other films do you like? If you were to cast her in The Women which character would she be?

I read your post about getting married. Can you put into words what it felt like? Unless we move it's not something I'm going to get to experience in my lifetime.

Library Lady
I always read your recipes avidly - what's your idea of comfort food?

Do your daughters (well the older one) ever read your blog? What do they think of it? Mine think it's "weird".

How do you cope with library patrons hogging the computers? Whenever I go to the public library the librarians seem to spend a great deal of time being "the computer police".

And since I know you like them too...Why do you like the Betsy Tacy books so much?

How did you meet your husband? What's the secret to your longevity?

The most obvious question - how did you come up with the name for blog?

You seem to cram more living into 24 hours than anyone I know - what's your secret?

Your kids are definite old enough to read your blog? What's their reaction when you blog about them?

Music- what's your favorite song of all time? Ok, no way can you pick a favorite, how about a couple of favorites?

You've been blogging for quite some time. What's your best blog experience? Your worst?

I'm done now...And I'm off to pack books. Amazon and E-bay have been busy this weekend.

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