Monday, March 07, 2005

I Love a Good War...

... a bidding war that is! Betsy Tacy Pal and I attended a hideously disorganized school rummage sale. The PTA spread tarps down on the playground and just tossed the goods out. Made it very hard to browse - I am to old to crawl all over the ground, but the prices were certainly right. All books were a quarter.

Picked up a #1-9 of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series in paperback. I don't like fantasy but I don't let that deter me since many people do and they are often willing to pay top dollar to fuel their passion.

His Fans are Fanatical! Posted by Hello

I listed them on E-bay with an opening bid of $9.99. The books sat till yesterday afternoon and then the price started to climb. With 5 min left in the auction they were at $20 and then wham, 2 people started a bidding war. They topped out at $31. Not to shabby for a $2.25 investment. Best of all, I paid one listing fee, need only pack up one package and winning buyer has already paid me. Wish all E-bay sales were that simple!

Selling on E-Bay is fun, but contrary to all those "I make $100,000 a year selling on E-bay" articles one reads, it's hard work. One has to troll the thrift shops and the library sales for inventory, research it, list it, pack and ship it. Sometimes I get lucky and a $1 investment produces a $100 sale but those are far and few between. Those are the prize in the Cracker Jack box and make up for all the peanut sales that are the day to day existence of a E-bay seller.


Melinda said...

I am infinitely grateful to folks who take the time to post good stuff on ebay. I've never sold anything, but have gone through obsessive buying sprees. Most recently, I tragically lost a ruthless bidding war over a VHS copy of "Dot and the Kangaroo." I'm still getting over it.

BTW, that's some argument you've got going on over your last post. Apparently all the home-schoolers were at recess, so there was plenty of time to scour blogs. I'm staying out of that one... :)

Robin said...

It's cool when BOOKS can generate such excitement!

COD said...

That sounds about right - I bought 1-9 in paperback on Ebay last year and I think I paid about $30. However, I only got through about book 4 before I started to hate the lead character and wish him dead. That's never a good omen for finishing a book.

My son read all nine though.

Steve said...

I agree with Chris. Try reading Terry Goodkind or (especially) George RR Martin instead. These series actually improve with each book and have something new to say.

Jordan, on the other hand, just draws out his books with endless descriptions and a plot that after book 8 has basically gone nowhere.

I didn't even read books 9 or 10.

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