Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Now for Something completely Different...

It's Spring Break, 9 blessed days of NOT having to get up at 5 and having leisure to putter and try some new projects (and of course surf blogs). While waiting for the doors of the Salvation Army to open on Saturday mornings I've made the acquaintance of some of the other book dealers and of course we chat about business.

BubalaBear told me about the Salvation Army weekday morning auctions and since we specialize in different books she asked if I wanted to go in with her on a pallet load of books.

So we meet up this morning at the Salvation Army Warehouse. Interesting people watching. Now I know where the perpetual garage sale & flea market folks get their stock (or more accurately their crap). Vast army of appliances, which were snapped up a group of men who I suspected were landlords. Bundles of clothes were of interest to Hispanic buyers - BubalaBear said they will haul the stuff to Mexico and resell it.

Today's lot included 3 pallets of books, each stacked high with 10 -15 boxes of books. I wasn't to impressed with what I could see of the contents. A great deal of current fiction which isn't worth hauling home, much less listing and children's books of the Wal-Mart variety. Bubalabear was interested in a couple of boxes of paperbacks so we decided to bid, but bid conservatively.

Another bidder decided that we knew something she didn't and out bid us. Actually we did, which is why we let both pallets go. I hope she enjoys her wares.

As for us, we retired to The Pig Stand for breakfast and book talk. A very satisfying morning.

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TaraMetBlog said...

Enjoy your Spring Break, I'm envious! :)