Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Goodnight Dan

Dan Rather just stepped down.

Posted by Hello In my lifetime I can only recall 2 anchors on CBS news - Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather. They have always been there, holding my hand and guiding me through life changing events. The assassination and funeral of President Kennedy, the Vietnam War, the Chicago Democratic Convention, WaterGate, the Challenger Disaster, many hurricanes and 91/1 - I can't think of any of those occurrences without Walter and Dan - they are intertwined.

Posted by Hello

Dan Rather said 9/11 had a greater impact on him and on us as a nation than any other event he reported. I would debate that the JFK assassination had an equal impact at the time, though it didn't change the way we live and travel as 9/11 has. It change the way we viewed the world and stripped us of our innocence.
Dan Rather made some bad choices and dabbled in some questionable journalism ethics but he faced his critics and hung in there. I wish him well.

Good night Dan Rather, Good Night Walter, the news won't be the same. I wonder who is going to keep me abreast of my world for the next quarter of my life?


Jonathan said...

"stripped us of our announce."

I'm sure you meant innocence...

Yep, someone actually swings through and reads the articles. :)

Melinda said...

I read an interesting article recently about the growing irrelevance of network nighttime news anchors, with so many of us now getting our news from the web, NPR, CNN, etc... If there are going to be nighttime news anchors, though, I for one could stand to see a woman take the post.