Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Houston...We Have a Problem.

....we seem to eat our young these days.

Over the weekend, a 4 year old boy pulls a loaded gun from his mother's purse and shoots his 2 year old brother in the head. The reason : the baby threw a toy at him. The mother claims she always has the gun in a safe place...but if that's the case how did boy know it was in her purse? And just what kind of behavior has this child been exposed to anyway? Children aren't born knowing how to shoot - that's a learned skill.

Same weekend, 3 small children, ages 6, 5 & 2 are left home alone while Mom and her live in boyfriend go shopping. The electricity has been turned off and Mom leaves a lit candle in the master bedroom. Fire breaks out, all 3 children are dead of smoke inhalation. Neighbors try to put out fire but of course had no idea that there were children home alone.

And which store did Mom honor with her presence - why the 24 hour Wal-Mart of course. No wonder so many people who shop there look like they are missing an essential gene or two.

No sure how this city has become the poster child for dysfunctional families. It's not a claim to fame I relish.

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