Friday, March 25, 2005


I think Easter is my favorite holiday. Why? Because it requires nothing of me. It produces no maternal guilt, nor insist that I prod my always reluctant Martha Stewart side to away from the computer and decorate, damm it.

When the girls were little we decorated eggs, I made Easter baskets, we had egg hunts, went out for Easter brunch, they wore cute pink dresses. Well, the latter only happened for a couple of years. My two are not the frilly, fluffy type. Aren't now, and weren't when they were two. Fru-Fru bit the dust once they learned the word "no". They talked early.

My poor mother was so disappointed. Here she had blond, blue eyed identical twin granddaughters - talk about a perfect 10 on the grandmother bragging scale and the only thing they would wear was jeans and t-shirts.

Now the girls are in college and Easter weekend is a time to party and travel. And by travel they mean anywhere but home. We have 2 very independent daughters, which is how it should be, given my family tradition and history.

We don't practice any organized religion so no church service is in order. For My Beloved Easter Weekend means an extra day to play golf. For me, it's a day off work and more time to shuffle the books from the pool table into my auction management program.

Best of all, when I get back to work we're in the Home Stretch - only 8 more weeks till summer break!

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KarbonKountyMoos said...

I called my mom - and sent an ecard - but Easter is - well, pretty much like every other day here.

But we did just get back from a meal out - a pleasant surprise. We had to drive over 25 miles to find a restaurant that was open!