Monday, March 07, 2005

Kitchen Meme

I found this on The Library Lady Rants - one of the blogs I read regularly. I've noticed some blogs are nothing but Memes, in fact there appears to be a group of blogs that all respond to the same Meme on the same day. Talk about the lemming instinct. Oh creativity, where art thou?
However, an occasional Meme is fun and gives you a different view of a blogger and their little world.

What is your favorite kitchen appliance?
Toss up between my Kitchen Aide mixer (a housewarming gift to myself) and my food processor. But my Senseo coffee maker is giving the other two a run for the money.

What kind of cookware do you have?
Mixed, I don't do matched sets. I can't get my clothes to match, never mind my pots and pans. I have 2 cast iron skillets that are 30 years old and get better with time and some assorted pots I've picked up in thrift shops. I love Pampered Chef stoneware - it's not cheap but oh, does it turn out a good product.

Name one kitchen appliance or gadget that you wish you had.
A deep fat fryer - though I need one like I need a hole in my head. The calories!

Describe your dream kitchen.
I about have it. When we built our home 5 years ago I told My Beloved that I wanted a gas stove and a walk in pantry. And I got both. We only have 2 rooms in our downstairs - the game room and big room that is combination kitchen, living and dining room.

I could do with a bit more storage space (who can't) but it's a great kitchen for cooking and entertaining.

Fru-Fru free zone Posted by Hello
The house is in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright so it's very sleek and un-cluttered.

The budget dictated laminate on the counters rather stone or faux stone and paintable wood cabinets. My Beloved wanted to kitchen to fade into the walls and she suceeded. However I think it's a bit to monochrome and I would love granite (be it real or fake) counters as to add some color.
Posted by Hello She was in her Harley mode at the time so all the appliances are black and chrome.

It's all black & chrome Posted by Hello


Mamacita said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous!

Robin said...

ARe you sure you didn't just *borrow* a kitchen from the Room & Board web site or something? I agree with mamacita. Gorgeous!

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