Monday, July 12, 2004

Amsterdam the Groot Staat

Today we started the last leg of our journey - 4 days in Amsterdam - we took the train from Eindhoven after having lunch with my aunt and uncle on my father's side who had driven down to pick up my mother for a visit. I do so like the Dutch trains - the schedule is better than Houston's busses. Just climb aboard and ride in comfort, with room to spread out till you get to your destination. No lines, no cramped seat with your knees in your neck because the guy in front of you has his seat back, no metal detectors, no feeling like cattle being herded through the doors.  The Centraal Station had a Victorian feel to it - tall, brick and looming with lots of carvings.

We are staying at the Ambassade Hotel. This time around we are in the heart of the tourist section The Heren Gracht- that wasn't the case in Paris. Old hotel with modern amenities, which encompasses about 10 old houses. Rabbit warren of corridors with twisty, narrow staircases. The staircases result on a killer workout on ones calves - I am still feeling the effects of climbing the ones to the top of the Arch de Trioumph in Paris.

Took our customary introductory walk and had dinner at Moders, a restaurant serving old fashioned Dutch food. I introduced My Beloved to Stamppot, which she loved - figured she would since it's basically mashed potatoes and sausage - her favorite comfort food.

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