Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Where did the Summer Go?

It's almost over and it seemed like it just started! I get this feeling every year, but this year the summer really does seem shorter than usual- just this week and next and it's nose to the grindstone time again. Retirement is not an option at present.

I have 2 more projects to finish - cleaning out the elephants graveyard of tote bags known as the hall closet. I am sure I can find homes for said bags on freecycle.

The other is sorting out the Amazon / book inventory and culling the dogs. If I ever finish that job I will then attempt to do the same with the E-Bay books.

My Beloved shocked me on our recent trip by reading a book cover to cover. In that way we are an odd couple, since I am never without a book, if not two or three. I picked a copy of A Nasty Bit of Rough by David Feherty at a thrift shop since it was about golf and she loved it. I found myself saying "stop reading your book and lets go to bed". She liked it so much that she had me order his other book for her.
That was a first - that's normally her line!

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