Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Spent most of today sprucing up my trip blog, adding pictures and web links and it's now finished! Or as finished as it will ever be. My Beloved read it (she liked it!) but wishes to announce to the world that she does not nap as much as one might think reading said blog. She does grudgingly admit that she is high maintaince. :-) We spent the evening working on a memory book to send to everyone who gave us hospitality while in Holland. She chose the pictures, I wrote the captions and the end result is very nice indeed. It came compliments of her 550+ digital pictures and Snapfish.com.

As always my summer is slipping away much faster than I would like.

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Anonymous said...

Beth again -- I signed up to teach summer school, like a complete fool, so I'm still waiting for summer to start! I just wanted to say that the photos look very nice on the blog, and you both look very nice in the photos. You both look so relaxed and happy. We have a family book too, of sorts. Do you think our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will find our stories unique and fascinating? I don't think my stories are, not at all.