Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A Cultural Sort of Day

This was MUSEUM day with a capital M. Started out with the Rijksmuseum, which has only one wing open due to remodeling. It was rather pleasant actually, one didn't feel compelled to see THE ENTIRE PLACE, which I gather is quite large. They had pulled the "high points" and the rest is shut up or on tour. Many, many portraits on men in ruffs looking smug, as well as the NightWatch, which is overwhelming and some delightful landscapes. I found the still lifes to be amazing - such a use of light and color.

We took the Trolley Car. I like Trolley Cars - they show up at 10 minute intervals and take one just where one wants to go. And it is easy to find them- just look for the rails in the street!

We skipped the Van Gogh Museum since My Beloved had the beginnings of a sinus headache (not surprising since the weather did an 360 about face and it began to rain). Down she went for a nap while I trotted off the Amsterdam Historical Museum. Many, many, many more portraits of smug men in ruffs. One gets the impression that the city was run for many years by the Dutch version of a "Good Old Boys" club. The museum traced the history of the city from the 1200's to the present and was quite interesting - and thankfully all the placards were in Dutch and English. Very interactive and up to date.

Followed it was a splashy walk in the rain and a cup of coffee in a pastry shop.

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