Monday, July 19, 2004

Back to Reality

Back to the laundry, the cat pans, the dishes, the grocery store, the gym and the errands - on other words, back to the REAL WORLD, after 3 weeks in a dream world.  I really did want to stay in the latter!  However, baring a lottery win this isn't likely to happen.  The cats on the other hand are very happy to have us home, though they were well taken care of.
Rambled through a few thrift shops in my toing & froing - found some books that might have potential.  I started up E-Bay again, after a 6 weeks break.  I hope business is better than it has been, I have books that need to move and college bills that need to be paid.
Musing thought of the day- where did all these people in People Magazine come from?  I've never heard of most of them.  Is this one of the first symptoms of getting old?

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