Sunday, July 04, 2004

Paris when it rains

We are in Paris, where I am coping not very well with a French Keyboard, which will make the spelling worse than usual. We arrived after an all day traintrip from Innsbruck.

Planning the Paris Trip Posted by Hello

Much French countryside - Impressionist paintings flying past the windows of the train;
Played hotel roulette but ended up in a much nicer one than planned- The Hotel Villa Beaumarchais.  
We are close to Bastille Square , in what's become a trendy part of Paris called The Marais.  There are lots of shops and resterants and it's more residential than tourist filled.  Luckly there is an internet cafe not far from the hotel - run by Koreans who speak little English but we're coping.

Today was chill day, kick back; sleep till 10 and recover day. We took a morning walk and found a market, complete with street preformers.  The food booths took my breath away.

Dancers at the French Market Posted by Hello Lana napped.   I took several long walks and figured out the French laundermat.  That was an adventure.  This city is everything everyone says it is and more: It is New York to the 10th power; even in the rain.

Magic, magic, magic

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