Thursday, July 01, 2004

Deeper into the Dark Side

Today the conversion continued - My Beloved bought a full face helmet. In fact, she asked that we stop at a BMW shop so she could buy one. It is silver, matches her hair and the BMW she's currently riding.

However, she did get to visit a Harley Davidson shopin Bolzano, Italy - it began to sprinkle and she'd forgetten her rain gear. Good thing she found a jacket - no sooner did she put it on than the sky opened up. Cold, hard, driving rain for 2 hours.  Took a lot of the fun out of the anticapted crossing of the Brennerpass.  The ran also resulted in our abandoning the scenic mountain roads for the more direct autoban. Discovered that waterproof pants are not always waterproof. The question of the night is wether or not boots can dry if propped up on a towel rack.  It is an electrically warmed  towel racks so there we have our fingers crossed.

Prior to that the weather was perfect - and the scenery even more so. Multiple mountain passes all with the requiest twisties and hairpins. One still had snow once we reached the top - and fog. Waterfalls abounded, saw some mountain antelopes and a cow with a death wish.  Went over the Timmelsjoch, which is only open during the summer (otherwise the snow is to high).  We headed down via the Passeier Tal and then to Merano, Italy.

Ate lunch in a resterant that has been serving food since 1600 and something-it's linked to Andreas Hofer, a local hero. Indulged in another cheese plate - in fact I've been non stop indulging in cheese since I got here!

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