Friday, July 02, 2004

The Conversion is complete

Today we both rode on BMWs, wearing full face helments. We still don't have the Gore-Tex riding outfits that are de-reiguer on a BMW, but I think that's coming in the very near future.

This was the day our weather luck ran out -though given we had almost 4 days of postcard weather, we really have nothing to fuss about. When we get back to Houston we will be thinking longingly of 50 degree weather and mountain tops sprinkled with snow banks.

Snow in July! Posted by Hello

It started out gray and drizzley so intrepid travelors that we are, we took off. Destination was a private road, full of hair pins with a lake on top that's surrounded by mountains. We'll have to take the tourist brochure's word on the latter since the top of said mountain was shrouded in fog.

We shared the roads with cows- the most brazen cows I have ever seen! They had no fear what so ever and would just stand in the road daring us to run them over.

Fortified with coffe and most excellent pastry we started down the mountain and then the torrent hit. It was wet and it was cold and we all decided to cut a portion of the ride and head for lunch. And a very long and leisurily lunch it was too, since we needed to warm up and dry out.

My High Maintence beloved had wet feet and leaky boots so our ever resoureful guide zipped over to the corner store and got her some dry socks and the also ever resourceful Mr. BMW produced some plastic bags to help keep said socks dry. After stuffing her feet back into her boots - a feat that took both our efforts we were finally ready to head for home.

Much to our amayment, just as we were heading up the final mountain the sun came out and we rode home blessed by blue skies.  A most excellent ending to an unforgettable week.

Cold & Wet - but Happy! Posted by Hello

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