Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Bring Out Your Dead

We communed with the dead today -all 6 million of them in the Catacombs under Montparnasse. They were moved from older cemetaries in the 1700s. Very eerie yet strangely peaceful. The Resistance operated out of them during WWII and it was easy to see why. They must go on for miles and miles; twisty, dark, shadowdy corridors, all lined with bones and skulls.
We wanted to go to the top of the tallest building- Tour Montparnasse (very much an ugly glass rectangle) but we got lost. Thus we had to hoof it to the catacombs before they closed.  It is, very easy I've discovered to get lost in Paris. There is no grid, the streets wiggle and twist and keep changing their names. The first couple of times it happened, I kept trying to figure out just where I'd made a wrong turn. However, that proved to be extremely futile and a great waste of time. Paris streets have much in common with a 12 step program, you just have to accept the fact that you will be confused & lost , figure out where you are and move on from there. And accept the interesting things you find along the way.

Also on the docket was a visit to Tea and Tattered Pages, an  English Language used bookstore, the BMW shop and Hein Gericke , My Beloved's Holy Grail of motorcycle clothing. She bought waterproof boots and is a happy camper.  Her Harley Boots, while long on style are very weak when it comes to keeping ones feet dry.

We'd hoped to explore another area of Paris tonight but age and aching knees have set in. In some ways, Paris is very much for the young!

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