Friday, July 09, 2004

Back to the MotherLand

We've migrated from France to Holland. Took the train and we have seen the light - it's so civilized. On the train to Brussels we were severed breakfast - crossiants, coffee with real cream, fresh cheese, fresh cherries, pastry and real butter. On real dinnerware with actual metal silverware. No paper, no plastic, no fake food.

We changed trains in Brussels and Lana foiled a pickpocket. He offered to help with the luggage and then she felt his hand heading toward her pocket.  luckily all her documents were firmly zippered up in the many pockets of The Super Tourist Vest.  She spun around and glaredat him and he too off in one direction and the train took off in the other.   Arrived in The Hague  (Den Haag)  without any further incident till we tried to connect with my relations. That involved  a series of Laurel and Hardy incidents, turning a Jaqaur into a clown car, torrential rain and miscoummincations & lost telephones that would have made a perfect plot for a Beany Malone novel.  However, we gathered (once we connected with my cousins and brother) that this happens all the time so we all had some wine and good laugh. 

Relaxing in the Midst of Confusion Posted by Hello

We did enjoy the roses in Westbrook Park with my mother and her twin sister (till the rain started) .  My brother was also in The Hauge as a judge for a rose contest which was held there.

Mother & I and the Roses Posted by Hello

Love among the Blooms! Posted by Hello

The Roses & The Sun before the Storm! Posted by Hello
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The following day we slept late (to recover from Paris) and then went forth on the street car to see a bit of the
city. Wandered about, admired the buildings, had coffee and lunch and walked on the beach at Scheveningen - the same beach I used to play on as a child.

Enjoying the Beach Posted by Hello

Having never spend much time with cousins, since I haven't any in the US I'm finding it very novel to visit with people my own age whom are relations. Tomorrow is the big family do, with 40 something people - all of whom are related to me. I hope My Beloved isn't overwhelmed.

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Anonymous said...

I'm vicariously enjoying your adventures! Please do tell more about foiling the pickpocket -- that sounds interesting. :) LOL at the Beany moments. Betsy J. :)